You rub the nails? Here’s why you need to quit now!

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April 2, 2017
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November 22, 2017
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The bad habit of nailing the throat, apart from the faint, fragile nails and the broken skin as a consequence, can also cause serious problems with the teeth!

Dr. Richard K. Scher, prof. dermatology from Columbia University in New York, has argued that nail fingers, depending on the frequency of the operation, can cause medical problems such as exposing the underdeveloped tissue to various infections.

Therefore, in order to quit Dr. Scher recommends the week manicure as a psychological barrier.

Namely, it has been proven that attractive nail polish refuses ‘cheering lovers’ of this bad habit. The beauticians agree with it and at the same time propose another prevention – the installation of artificial nails!

Regardless of whether you want to decide on one of these solutions, the simplest solution will help – at home, you should regularly wash your sensitive skin with moisturizing agents, and we recommend that you use a thick layer of cream or oil on the nail skin every day.

Namely, the soft and hydrated skin will lesser so you will not have anything to do.

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