Have you heard about coconut palm sugar yet? Very healthy for the body

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November 22, 2017
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Coconut sugar is also known as sugar coconut palm and palm sugar, and it’s one of the popular sweeteners in the kitchen. It is popular mostly because it is pleasant and very healthy.

Coconut sugar
It has been used in Asia for years, it is popular in Indonesia, and it is increasingly popular in the rest of the world. In order to get coconut palm sugar, a tree is used, but it does not get damaged, and it does not affect its ability to give other coconut products.

Coconut sugar is obtained from a nectar collected from the coconut flower, and the best sugar is to evaporate the coconut flowers until the crystals remain in the vessel.

Evaporation is done at 40 degrees and takes about 2 hours, and due to low temperature minerals, enzymes and vitamins remain complete. This sugar has a pleasant taste, which most often resembles the taste of white sugar, but it is much healthier than it.

Coconut sugar is made from floral buds of coconut palm, and is a source of vitamin C, several amino acids, numerous minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. It contains four times as much magnesium, twice as much iron and ten times more zinc than it contains brown sugar that is healthier than white sugar.

It is excellent in fighting overweight because it regulates blood cholesterol, reduces hunger and suppresses appetite. It is suitable for a balanced and healthy diet.

Just because of the low glycemic index, it is a great food for diabetics, and sweeteners made from sugar cane overload the pancreas due to the high glycemic index.

Maple syrup also has a high glycemic index when compared to coconut sugar, and the glycemic index is a rate that shows how fast the sugar rate increases in the blood after consuming a particular food type.

A low glycemic index indicates foods that are slowly absorbed, which prevents the rise of insulin to those levels that impair health, and a high glycemic index indicates that the body quickly absorbs food while raising blood sugar, which automatically causes the pancreas to light large amounts of insulin.

Coconut sugar can be used daily as an excellent substitute for white sugar, and it resembles flavors of brown sugar and does not change the aroma of dishes. It can be added with cold and warm drinks, cereals, green mushy juices, various desserts and fruit salads.

It’s great for making sweets and sweetening beverages. Decide whether to use coconut palm sugar to make a cake, take into account that 100 g of healthy sugar represents a substitute for 100 g of brown or white sugar.

He is popular in the preparation of Thai and Chinese dishes and as an inevitable ingredient for numerous creams and scrub mixtures, since he successfully removes dead cells and cleans the surface layer of the skin.

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