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July 15, 2017
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We are aware that without oxygen we could not live for a few minutes, but have you ever wondered whether you are breathing properly. Many people have a habit of breathing superficially, so they deny it to abundant amounts of oxygen that has a very positive effect on our entire body and good mood.

Many people are breathing fully automated, so they do not even think about how they breathe and what they breathe in? However, it is a sign that many of us often have distractions in memory, reasoning, difficult thinking, and showing signs of impatience and nervousness. Such signs do not have to be a consequence of stress, but improper breathing. And breathing starts all right, right?
It is much healthier and more efficient to breathe through the nose. The nasal mucosa moisturizes, heats and purifies the air we breathe, and when exhaling a part of the heat and moisture is retained in the nostrils and facilitates their role at the next breath.

How and why breathe ‘through’ the belly?

The most optimal breathing method is certainly slow and deep breaths through the ‘abdominal’ breathing, as practiced, for example, by operatic singers. With such breathing in the body, we will supply the optimum amounts of oxygen that we need for the best performance of the body.
In principle, such breathing entails a knee that drops down to the abdominal organs and thus “absorbs” the air into the deeper parts of the lung while the abdominal wall moves outwardly. For a better self-control it is good to lie on a flat surface, put the book on the belly and breathe so that every breath and breath draws up or down with the abdominal wall level.

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